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Fidra – Nurdle briefing for members of the Scottish Parliament - MSPs Brief

A short brief on plastic pellet (nurdle) pollution for MSPs

  • Industrial plastic pellet pollution is a significant contributor to microplastic pollution to seas in Scotland and internationally.
  • Fidra’s The Great Nurdle Hunt project uses citizen science to highlight the widespread nature of pellet pollution, initially identifying pollution hot-spots in the Firth of Forth and now reaching shorelines worldwide.•
  • Fidra is working to tackle this pollution at source. To make sure pellets are no longer lost to the environment, best practice needs to be effectively implemented at all sites and by all actors handling plastic pellets.The best way to do this is through effectively designed legislation.•
  • The Scottish Government has already taken a lead on this issue, committing to work with stakeholders to investigate how to build an effective Supply Chain Accreditation Approach to tackling this system. As the ‘Plastic Pellet Loss Steering Group’ finished its work, Fidra is asking MSPs at the Scottish Parliament to maintain pressure on the government, ensuring momentum is not lost in dealing with this pervasive pollution problem.

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