Mingas por el Mar is an Non-Profit Organisation that has more than 25 leaders in the coastal region, highlands and archipelago of Galapagos with 350 volunteers including professionals in the area of Biology, Law, Hospitality, Environmental Engineering, Education, Art and more. Compromise to be a leading example of caring about the environment to the rest of citizens to inspire the change in a variance of aspects.

We educate the community in topics related to pollution, focusing in plastic wastage and educating about their negative effects in general health.

Create a change behaviour and thought towards the problematic issue that we are facing.

Transmite our message to the majority of population to promote good consumption habits into our community,

Foment the diminishing of one use disposable plastic wastage and transmitting a culture of reusing and reducing.

In field data monitoring to help investigation, open new research and to learn about a particular point of marine polluted area.

Social environmental development it one of our cores values, therefore we encourage and arrange coworking with all different actors from our community including our local government, businesses, education academies and citizens.
Central & South America
Cecilia Torres info@mingasporelmar.org
Maria Esther Briz proyectos@mingasporelmar.org

Land based
Sea based
Corporate Engagement
Evidence and Innovation, Policy and Legislation