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Nurdles (plastic pellets) are lost by the global plastic industry and companies handling pellets, using plastic or involved in financial services can all play their part in ending pellet loss, including investors, retailers & brands and insurers. There are some existing schemes and initiatives but more could be done to encourage the supply chain to manage pellets responsibly.

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Plastics industry & pellet handlers

Plastic pellet producers, transporters, master batchers, converters, waste companies and recyclers all play a role in stopping pellet loss. Voluntary pledges such as Operation Clean Sweep may have raised awareness of the issue but do not go far enough and pellet loss continues. A legislated supply chain approach could stop 95% of pellet loss. This relies on robust standards such as BSI PAS 501, certification schemes, and a public register of the chain of custody.

Retailers & Brands

Retailers and brands may or may not handle pellets directly but many will be buying plastic packaging and products and can influence in their supply chain. By committed to stopping pellet loss brands and retailers can require their suppliers evidence zero pellet loss through  procurement policies, codes of practices, audits and standards. The British Retailer Consortia recently hosted a webinar on Tackling Plastic Pellet Loss Through Supply Chains (available to BRC members only but you can find  speaker and contact details here )


Investor interest in environmental issues is growing and investors have a strong influence on companies, and their reach can be international. A range of initiatives have been undertaken to harness investor pressure as a route to change. For example investors asking companies to improve transparency, or push for implementation of other solutions mentioned here.


Pellet loss, particurlarly on large scale, can be reputational, economic, legal and environmental cost to a company. Insurers can play a role in requiring precautions are in place to prevent pellets loss and require best practice to be followed in business operations.

Current initiatives

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These resources have been developed by organisations around the world to support corporate engagement in addressing nurdle pollution and unless stated are not created or endorsed by Fidra.

As You Sow – Shareholder Advocacy

As you sow are an organisation working in the US. They promote environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy,…

BSI – PAS 510:2021 Specification

The PAS 510:2021 – Plastic pellets, flakes and powders. Handling and management throughout the supply chain to prevent their leakage…


The British Retail Consortium (BRC) Webinar on TACKLING PLASTIC PELLET LOSS ALONG SUPPLY CHAINS is available to view on demand…

Organisations engaging retailers, brands, industry and investors

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