Plastic pellets or nurdles are found in the environment worldwide as a result of poor handling across the global plastic supply chain (see more on nurdle pollution).  Organisations around the world are working on different ways to prevent this pollution from raising awareness to litigation. Explore solutions to nurdle pollution below or if you are not sure where to start see our Help guide.

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Most nurdle pollution starts on land so preventing loss here can have a big impact on our oceans. Solutions range from implementing best practice at plastic sites to ensuring monitoring and enforcement is in place.


Spills at sea can be catastrophic but are currently undocumented and uncontrolled. Stopping plastic pellets spills from containers can prevent major pollution incidents and ongoing losses in transport.

Evidence & Innovation

Science & evidence is key to demonstrating the need for change. Community science, reports and research ensure the environmental, social and economic impacts of pellet pollution can’t be ignored.


Nurdles are small and easily overlooked, raising awareness and gaining support for further action on pollution are often the first step towards implementing solutions.

Corporate Engagement

There are initiatives working with the plastics industry to address pollution as well as other businesses that influence the supply chain from brands to banks, investors to insurers.

Policy & Legislation

To ensure the whole global supply chain handles pellets responsibly robust regulations are needed alongside enforcement and litigation. Local, national and international policies can prevent pollution.