Why should my organisation be working on and supporting solutions to nurdle pollution?

All plastic pollution issues start with nurdles. Addressing nurdle pollution can help set a precedent for how the world views and manages all types of plastic. Nurdles are a global pollution issue, which means there are very few places in the world that aren’t impacted by nurdle pollution. Finally, nurdle pollution is entirely preventable and solutions to the pollution problem exist, unlike other forms of plastic pollution. So, working on this issue is the ‘low hanging fruit’ of addressing the plastic pollution crisis. See our solutions for more information.

How do nurdles link to sachet pollution ?

We recognise so many incredible NGO’s are dealing with such reactive forms of plastic pollution. All plastic issues link, the solution is routed in global change. We believe a supply chain approach to plastic management would have a positive impact on the way all plastics are handled. Fidra also recognise and support the need to reduce overall plastic consumption globally, especially single use plastics such as sachets which requires reduced virgin nurdle production. To learn more about the global plastics treaty check out our resources here: global plastic treaty solutions

How do nurdles link to other microplastic pollution?

Nurdles are a type of microplastic. They are the second most significant source of primary microplastic pollution in the ocean. They have the same negative impact on the environment, but before they’ve had a chance to be made into something of use. Annual global plastic production increased to 390.7 million tonnes in 2021 and nearly all plastics start life as a nurdle. These products when disposed of eventually degrade into microplastics that unfortunately end up in the sea and on our beaches.

How do nurdles link to the waste trade industry?

Although end-use waste may seem very far removed from a 2-5mm sized nurdle, all plastic waste that is shipped across the world started as a nurdle. To tackle waste effectively, we believe we need to manage it at its origin. Check out our solutions for more information.

Can I host a nurdle hunt at anytime of the year?

Yes you can, all nurdle hunts are so important for explaining that plastic pellet pollution is a global issue. Annually we run our Great Global Nurdle hunt, this is a four-week campaign effort. We share resources on our hub, via our newsletter and through our Break Free From Plastic contacts. This data is then shared in a report (click here for previous reports and data).

Does the Great Nurdle Hunt offer grants or any other type of funding?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer any funding to other NGO’s. We have ample resources free to use, guide and help you tackle nurdle pollution. Further to this, check out our directory to connect with other organisations who are working in similar areas across the globe. Also keep an eye on the key dates area of the homepage as we will share any funding opportunities there.

I was unable to find data in my area, does that mean there is no nurdle pollution?

We hope you are living in one of the few places in the world where pellet pollution is not an issue. However, as we rely on volunteers to nurdle hunt globally, it may be that we’ve not yet made connections in your country to build evidence of nurdle pollution in your area. If you can host a nurdle hunt and spread the word, it would mean the world to us. Check out our map to identify gaps in your area and our resources here to get started.

Can we use your resources on our own webpages, social media platforms and reports?

Yes, Yes and Yes! All resources hold our logo, but there is a space on each one to add your own. Images are a little different, you will see in the description (before downloading) how to reference the photographer. Any resources you download will have information on how to best credit the owner of the content, but all resources are for you to use and to help convey your organisations messages. If you are unsure how to credit us, or anyone else, don’t hesitate to contact us at and quote ‘Nurdle resources’ in the email subject.

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