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Fidra - Responding to environmental disasters - Acute pellet spills - Webinar

This webinar is part of our Solutions to Pellet Pollution Webinar Series.

Hear from Fidra and guest speakers to learn what an acute plastic pellet spill is, how civil society has and continues to play an important role in responding to acute pellet spills and what can be learnt from past experiences to improve responses in the future. This webinar is Chaired by: Falco Martin - Fauna & Flora (https://www.fauna-flora.org/) Guest speakers include: Heather McFarlane – Fidra (https://www.nurdlehunt.org.uk/) Lucie Padovani - Surfrider Europe (https://www.surfrider.eu/) Dayana Del Puerto Eiras - Noia Limpa (https://www.noialimpa.org/) Muditha Katuwawala – The Pearl Protectors (https://www.pearlprotectors.org/) Jon Burton - Oracle Environmental Experts (https://www.oracle-environmental.com/) Dana Winograd - Plastic Free Seas (Hong Kong) (https://www.plasticfreeseas.org/)Language: English