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Surfrider Foundation and Fidra - Stopping the Flow of Plastic Pellets: Approaches to Fight Pollution at the National and Global Scale - Webinar

The Surfrider Foundation and Fidra hosted a webinar about the global problem of plastic pellet pollution and opportunities to prevent it, including through U.S. legislation and in the Global Plastics Treaty.

This event was chaired by Jennifer Savage, Senior Manager from The Surfrider Foundation (https://www.surfrider.org/)

Speakers included:

US Congressman Mike Levin

Jamie Clarkson from Fidra (https://www.nurdlehunt.org.uk/)

Jace Tunnel From Nurdle Patrol (https://nurdlepatrol.org/map)

Xavier Curto Zafra from Surfrider España (https://www.surfrider.es/)

Dayana Del Puerto Eiras from Noia Limpa (https://www.noialimpa.org/es/)

Paulita Bennet-Martin from The 5 Gyres Institute (https://www.5gyres.org/)