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BSI - PAS 510:2021 Specification

The PAS 510:2021 - Plastic pellets, flakes and powders. Handling and management throughout the supply chain to prevent their leakage to the environment. Specification

The specification states requirements for the handling and management of plastic pellets, flakes, and powders throughout the supply chain to prevent spills, leaks, and loss to the environment.

Who is PAS 510:2021 for?

  • Any organization of any size in any part of the supply chain that handles pellets, including:
    • Raw material manufacturers
    • Distributors
    • Storage facilities
    • Recyclers
    • Transporters
    • Plastics processors
  • Any company handling materials of similar properties and dimensions that might pose a pollution risk
  • Anyone buying, selling, or using plastic materials and products, as well as anyone investing in companies that do so

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