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Fidra - The Great Nurdle Hunt ​2013-2023: ​Results Webinar

The Great Nurdle Hunt has been running for 10 years. This years report takes a look at all the nurdle hunts over the years and showcases the incredible volunteer efforts, the distribution of pellet pollution and solutions!

Hosted By Fidra's Dr Dani Whitlock and Jamie Clarkson (www.fidra.org.uk)

Guest speakers include:

  • Sarah Marchall from Planet Aware Isle of Wight (https://www.planetaware.co.uk/);
  • Richmond Quarcoo from Plastic Punch (https://plasticpunchngo.org/);
  • And a guest presentation on behalf of Safe a Fishie (https://saveafishie.co.za/)

Download The Great Nurdle Hunt Report 2013 - 2023 here

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