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Fidra INC-3 Pre-session submissions (Part A and B)

In preparation for the third round of negotiations for a global plastics treaty (INC-3), the secretariat has requested submissions from observer observer organisations and members of the committee regarding (A) Elements not discussed at INC-2 (e.g. scope and principle which should be included), and (B) Any potential areas for inter-sessional. These submission will be used to inform INC-3 negotiations in November 2023. Full details of the submission process can be found here

Fidra has prepared and submitted responses to the secretariat to address part A and part B in relation to the issue of plastic pellet pollution.

We invite NGOs addressing the issue of plastic pellet pollution to utilise the information and text from our submission to help inform and add to your own submission.

Deadline for observer organisations submissions is 15th August

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