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Fidra - Ending Pellet Pollution with the Global Plastics Treaty: From Zero Draft to Zero Pellet Loss - Solutions to Pellet Pollution Series Webinar

This is our second webinar on the Global Plastic Treaty within our 'Solutions to pellet pollution series'.

With INC 3 imminent, speakers discuss updates since the UN global plastic treaty INC 2 meeting and how the zero draft should lead to zero pellet loss!

This webinar was chaired by James Wakibia (https://jameswakibia.co.ke/)

Guest speakers include:

Daniela Duran from the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) (https://www.ciel.org/);

Amy Youngman from Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) (https://eia-international.org/);

Tanya Cox from Fauna & Flora (https://www.fauna-flora.org/);

And our very own Heather McFarlane (https://www.fidra.org.uk/)


Language: English