Storytelling to communicate the current impacts of pollution

Storytelling is a powerful tool to communicate complicated issues, like why the plastic pellet pollution is a global issue. We use images and nurdle hunt information to build stories and you can too. These can be used in the press, bringing this issue to light in wider society. Industry representatives are starting to take notice and there is momentum building to bring about better control of nurdle pollution, but we need to keep building demand for concrete action to prevent the loss of nurdles.


The evidence you provide by submitting finds to The Great Nurdle Hunt, provides evidence of worldwide pellet pollution. Emotive personal relatable stories which connect with people will put pressure on industry for them to take effective action. Remember, next time you are nurdle hunting, take photos and upload to our website along with your data.


Communicating effectively for the correct audience is difficult. Using appropriate language without removing key points about the problem is important. Effective storytelling helps someone else walk in your footsteps and causes others to feel empathy.

It can be difficult to share personal stories about how plastic pellet pollution has affected you and your loved ones, especially if a spill had a devastating impact on your livelihoods. Begin with the facts (the skeleton) then add personal language you are comfortable sharing.

Current Activity

Update coming soon


– Write a press release about the impact of nurdles in your area
– Take pictures of the impact nurdle pollution has in your area
– Think about how to make the issue you are tackling relatable/personal to your audience



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