UN Global Plastics Treaty

UN Global Plastics Treaty

A challenge for any solution to pellet pollution is how to ensure global co-ordination and compatibility across complex international supply chains. Plastic pellets are a major source of upstream plastic pollution globally, with devastating impacts on communities, wildlife and livelihoods.

A Global Plastic Treaty (officially known as the International Legally Binding Instrument on Plastic Pollution) is currently being negotiated at the United Nations, offering a significant opportunity to end plastic pellet pollution across the world and throughout supply chains. The inclusion of plastic pellets (nurdles) in a final Global Plastics Treaty is essential to prevent more pellets entering the environment.

Resources and information related to the Global Plastics Treaty negotiations can be found below.

What’s next?

Following the conclusion of the fourth round of negotiation (INC-4) in April 2024, the fifth round of negotiations (INC-5) will be taking place in Busan, South Korea in November 2024. This fifth round will be the final round of negotiations.

Ahead of INC-5 the UN released a ‘Compilation draft text’, which represents the compilation of sub-contact groups documents produced at INC-4. This will for the bases for discussions for intersessional work and at INC-5

INC pages

For more information and resources for each INC session please follow the links below:

INC – 3  Nairobi, Kenya November 2023

INC- 4 Ottawa, Canada April 2024


This could provide a unique platform to discuss and agree the implementation of the solutions such as a supply chain approach.  It could allow for global uptake of working solutions  that have been developed in one region.


Getting support for having pellet action in a global agreement may be difficult while there are few/no regional working examples of legislation.

Current Activity

Negotiations are on going. The next INCs have been agreed and will take place as follows:

    • INC-5 Busan, Republic of Korea (25th Nov – 1st Dec 2024)


We can all help raise awareness of the issue and solutions needed to help show public support for action from governments.

NGOs are asking governments in the negotiations to:

  • Call for eliminating pellet loss and spills across the supply chain
  • Call for verification of pellet pollution prevention measures and reporting of any losses or spills of pellets
  • Call for remediation and disaster response protocols in the event of pellet pollution
  • Call for compensation for communities and wildlife impacted by pellet pollution
  • Call for safe, circular responsible production through stopping the loss of pellets, preventing the use of harmful chemicals and ending overproduction of plastic.


Watch our latest webinar on the UN global plastics treaty below.

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