Using nurdle data to support your messaging

Collecting evidence including your own data on the plastic pellet problem provides long-term evidence of the scale of the problem to all you want to engage with.


Building evidence increases awareness of the issue, when people care, politicians start to listen. Since inception of the Nurdle Hunt t there has been over 6500 nurdle hunts across the world from Mexico to Malaysia.

There is a large database of worldwide evidence you can access to show the scale of the problem as well as talk about the problem in your area compared to other regions. In addition to this, the more data there is, the more scientifically sound all statistics are when compiling evidence.


Nurdle data may be limited in your region, but it doesn’t mean there is not plastic pellet pollution problem. You may need to raise awareness of the issue by hosting a nurdle event first or creating a social media campaign to teach people to learn about the issue. If the plastic pellet problem is contentious in your region you may need to be more inventive in the type of evidence you use. First identify factories, shipping routes and relationships between the plastic industry and your government before committing to hosting nurdle hunts and look at scientific research.

Current Activity

  • We have hosted four webinars across Autumn 2023 to support others using nurdle data, they are all linked below


  • Plan a local nurdle hunt
  • Map local plastic pellet pollution
  • Use available nurdle data to improve your campaign messaging
  • Create a case study for your area


Communicating with your audience

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Nurdle Data

Our nurdle data is available to NGOs and for research purposes. Please complete our data sharing agreement and email it to

For all other nurdle data request please email prior to completing the data sharing agreement.

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Fidra – The Great Nurdle Hunt ​2013-2023: ​Results Webinar

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